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About was first established in 2003 in Kyoto with the dream of providing a free flowing service that gave talented teachers and eager students easy access. Founder and manager of, Souji also wanted to give teachers and students a more comfortable teaching and learning environment that focused more on the individual goals and needs of the student. Today offers cafe eikaiwa and corporate classes with offices in Sapporo, Kanto, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokai, Kansai and other regions with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students. believes in fairness, equality and respect, and hopes to regain and strengthen the trust between students and the English providing community.
About Eikaiwa


" has given me the freedom to customize my working hours and lifestyle. I now have the flexibility to travel, socialize and skate! Thank you for this unique opportunity!" (*^_^*) Cuong Huynh - Australia

"Working with has been and continues to be a great experience. It's a great opportunity for anyone looking to teach private English lessons in Japan." Bryce - USA

" have been wonderful to me. Since starting as a teacher for them they have been both friendly and helpful. With their help I have been able to meet many great students who I will be sad to leave. The girls who work for are just great, they have supported me with my request for students and in the area that is most convenient for me. If you want a company that will both do a good job on your behalf and that cares I wholeheartedly recommend" Richard - Australia