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Before we arrange an interview, we may call you to check your accent. If you have a strong accent, we are sorry but we will not arrange an interview for you.

Once we arrange an interview, we will send you a confirmation mail. If we don't receive your reply by 8pm on the day before the interview day, the interview will be automatically cancelled.

If you are late for the interview without any notice in advance, the interview will be automatically cancelled. The only reason we will accept for your tardiness is delay of public transportation. In that case, please bring the evidence of the delay, which you can obtain at a station, to the interview.

Even if you inform us your tardiness in advance, we may ask you to rescheule the interview in a case you will be late more than 15 minutes.

Please come to our interview with a suitable appearance for a job interview. If you wear something too casual such as a short pants or sandals, we may cancel the interview.

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