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Trial Lesson

for business English teachers

You will be briefed on what we know about the company and what they are expecting before hand. At the trial lesson, one of our friendly staff will be present to guide the introduction, talk about the contract and also help promote you.

1. You and our staff will meet at a decided location. It is important that you are on time. You will then travel to the company together.

2. Our staff member will commence by going over some details with the company.

3. Our staff member will let you know when you can commence your 30 minutes demonstration lesson.

4. After 30 minutes, you will have to wrap up your lesson. You will be paid 1000 yen to cover your time and travel cost. You are free to leave when our staff member indicates you can.

Important: You are prohibited to exchange any contact details during this meeting.

5. We will inform you of the outcome as soon as possible

Location: company premises
Duration: 30-60 minutes
Payment: 1000 yen