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Recommended texts


Side by Side - Steven J. M., Bill B.

Side by Side English textbook setRecommended Level: Beginner
Structure: Focused on modeled conversations and role-playing activities.
Good Points: Provides easy to follow model and helpful illustrations
Suggestions: The role-playing activities can become a bit dry and robotic. Where
possible, fresh activities should be incorporated to provide students the opportunity
to improvise.

High Beginners to Intermediate:

Interchange - Jack C.R.

Recommended Level: IntermediateInterchange English textbook set
Structure: Each chapter/topic is analysed and practiced in various functions of
English including speaking, grammar, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing.
Good Points: Has many activities.
Suggestions: Some topics run very long and will struggle to fit an hour's lesson. Be
selective on which functions to focus on based on your classroom.

New American Streamline - Bernard H., Peter V.


Impact Topics - Richard R.D., Junko Y.

English Upgrade - Steven G., Chris M.


Intelligent Business: Skills Book - Christine J.

Intelligent Busines English textbook Level: Intermediate - Advance
Structure: Task orientated with objectives based around business applications.
Good Points: Many business objectives identified that provide a good coverage of business English
Suggestions: Teachers should spend time in providing examples and modeling of tasks and objectives
where necessary.

Recommendations and comments are those of English teachers and not those of the original authors or publishers. If you have your own relevant recommendations, we will be more than happy to hear your experiences and views. Email us.

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